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Borobudur International Arts and Performance Festival 2018


Magelang, Dipantara.com – Prepare to be enthralled! Captivating art performances from different parts of the globe will be presented at one of the world’s most precious heritage sites as the Borobudur International Arts and Performances takes place on July 6th-7th, 2018, held at the magnificent Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java.

Surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the world’s largest Buddhist Temple, the festival will be highlighted by world-class artistic masterpieces in music, classical dance, and a plethora of fascinating art presentations and performances.

“The festival itself is a masterpiece of art and culture which forms an inseparable part of this 9th-century temple. The festival will feature a wonderful fusion of Indonesia’s sophisticated classical culture with those of a number of other countries” said Deputy of Marketing I of the Tourism Ministry, I Gde Pitana (28/07).

The festival will commence spectacularly with the lighting up of 100 torches at the Lumbini park area at the same time as spotlights shine up the stupas of the Temple. This is followed by a firework display and an electrifying light show.

Some of the finest and most talented artists of the country will showcase the most attractive classical and contemporary dances as well as musical performances from across the archipelago. Also presenting their unique art and cultural masterpieces are cultural troupes from USA, Hungary, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Poland.

Festival attendees will also be treated with an exhibition of top tourist destinations across the Indonesian Archipelago.

Starting this year, the festival will be set as an annual event aimed to boost tourism and further raise the economy of the region, according to Wawan Gunawan, Head of Marketing Region I of the Tourism Ministry. “Previously, the Borobudur International Arts and Performances Festival was held once every four years only. This year marks a new chapter, since from now on the festival will be held regularly every year” announced Wawan Gunawan.

Please make sure not to miss this spectacular Festival. (indonesia.travel)


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