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Bono Area, Riau


Bono tourist area is the location where bono happened. Bono is a large wave that occurs simultaneously with rising tides and tides with the peak height of the wave reaches up to 4 meters. The wave range is almost as wide as the Kampar River. This wave was due to a collision of three streams of water, which originated from the Melaka Strait, the South China Sea and Kampar River Water Flow which clashed in the Kampar River estuary and pushed upstream, causing large waves that rolled and slammed deep into the river to cover a distance of 58 Km. The natural phenomenon is so unique and is the only one in Indonesia.

According to legend, it is said that this bono began to occur in 1615 AD when the Kampar river is still called the sea dew, where the Kampar river cliffs at that time were Melako base, Panderan Panderan, and Bunut Base. The height of bono during that time can reach 6-7 meters, but now the bono wave only ranges from 3-4 meters only. According to other legends, it is said that Bono in Kampar river is Bono males while Bono females are in the Rokan river. Bono in the Kampar River used to be 7 (seven) and the other was shot by the Dutch so that only 6 (six) of them live now. In this Bono dead season Bono went to females in Rokan river, then chatting in the Straits of Melaka. When the tide begins to enlarge, return to their respective places, the greater the tide the more excited they are racing the river and the greater the waves that occur.

For local people who are accustomed to the arrival of Bono and big brave, the arrival of Bono was greeted with a motorboat heading gliding to the tongue of the waves on the back of Bono like a surfing player. This attraction by the local inhabitants is called “BEKUDO BONO” because it resembles the attraction of a jockey who is trying to tame a wild horse. This bono can be seen on a monthly basis during high tides, but at the end of the year or in the West season, Bono will occur much larger. (bilikdestinasi.pariwisata.riau.go.id)


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