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ASITA Anticipating the impact of Terror Bomb Surabaya for Tourism


Jakarta, Dipantara.com – Terror bombs in Surabaya and Sidoarjo, East Java, not only leaves a deep sadness for the victims and their families. This incident could disrupt the economy in the country, especially for the tourism sector and the retail industry. Therefore, the Government should anticipate the potential impact of it.

See the Bali bombing experience I (2002) and the Bali bombing II (2005), the tourism sector the hardest hit due to terrorism. Understandably, the number of tourist visits could drop. The effects of terror bomb can also clog the flow of foreign capital investment.

Moreover, a number of countries now released a warning alert or travel advice to its citizens if it will pay a visit to Indonesia, after bomb Surabaya. For example the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

This warning began making anxious businessman tourism. As a result, the Association of Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (Asita) hopes that warning does not increase to a travel warning or ban on visit to Indonesia.

“Bombs in Surabaya could affect business travel but its effects will not be significant,” said the Chairman of Asita Asnawi Bahar as reported by the Kontan.co.id page Tuesday (15/05/2018).

Continued, his influence there was definitely into business trips but not much and for the calculation of the extent of his influence at this time may not be too significant. Therefore, in order to minimize the impact of the terror bombing against the tourism industry, there must be steps quickly, directly, and effectively from the Government so that the impact of the bombs would be minimized.

“Learning rather than bombing in Thamrin, the Government did act fast by providing explanations to other countries about climate in Indonesia which is conducive, and explained in many places not happen anything, for it is the step also necessary now, “he said.

In addition to Governments, stakeholders and the community should be pro active Indonesia to explain to other countries that the incident only exists in East Java while the other destinations in conditions of safety.

Asita also hope, foreign tourists are being and will be cancelling his holiday vacation to Indonesia in Indonesia. Moreover, “the Government act quickly by giving an explanation to the country that issued travel advice,” Asnawi said.

Available separately, Augustine Pake Seko, President Director of PT Bayu Buana Travel, optimistic, bombing Surabaya did not effect conferring on the tourism business. “Sales and growth package tours, flights, aircraft, and others are still stable,” sebutnya.

Similarly, for a panoramic view of the Destination, the travel services company. “Even a tourist from the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia sympathizes with how the roads in the area were not conducive as Indonesia,” said AB Sahadeva, the Corporate Secretary Panorama Destination.

Shopping Centre Manager also claims his business is still running normally. “Regular visitors. If any are down because it’s not the weekend, “demolished Stepanus Ridwan, Chairman of the employers Association Indonesia shopping center (APPBI).

Justini Omas, Corporate Secretary of PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk stated, in general the business Mall still normal origin not tainted by news hoaks. “Society should accept and forward arif news,” he said (bisniswisata.co.id)


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