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Abdullah Azwar Anas Want Traditional Market to Become a Tourism Destination


Banyuwangi, Dipantara.com – Entering the twelfth day of Ramadan, Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas held an iftar with hundreds of market traders and pedicab drivers at Banyuwangi Market on Monday (28/5). In front of them, Anas invites to jointly realize a clean traditional market like markets in Thailand.

It is said Anas, this time deliberately held ramadhan safari in the market because of the strategic role of the market. According to him, the market is an important part of the economy of Banyuwangi, and for that it must be kept clean.

“Actually, the market no longer only serves as a place of sale, but also can be an attractive tourist destination, the condition is one, the market is neat and clean, so I ask the people of Banyuwangi to consciously keep the environment clean, including the market,” said Anas.

Anas then exemplifies the Chatuchak market in Thailand, whose entire stalls are neat and clean. Although the traditional market, but fun shopping there because the place is comfortable and clean. Thus, when shopping, tourists as well as feel the sensation of travel.

“I want the Blambangan market to be like that so that tourists get different experiences when shopping in the traditional, especially since there are many tourists who blusukan to the traditional market, so we must immediately fix the market together, Turia it likes to come to a place that offers uniqueness an area, a wrong market for example, “said Anas.

Anas also revealed it will soon realize the plan. “Not a total remodel, maybe some of the market is laid out first.Our design there are selling souvenirs and typical snacks Banyuwangi .. Gradually, we will work on the rest,” said Anas.

For this purpose, Anas plans to invite a number of traders to see first hand the markets in Thailand. “Let traders literate, if a comfortable and clean market is fun, and can add fungai as a tourist attraction,” said Anas.

That afternoon, hundreds of market traders and pedicab drivers seemed to enjoy the moment of breaking the fast with the Regent Anas and his staff. “Alhamdulillah, can eat together with Mr. Anas here, it’s great,” said Sukijan, one of the pedicab drivers who joined the event.

Safari ramadhan this time, also filled tausiyah delivered Ustadz Ma’ruf Abu Bakar who invites Muslims vying to increase charity worship in the holy month of Ramadan. (banyuwangikab.go.id)


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